How Yaga works?

Yaga is an online selling and buying platform for preloved and new fashion. Payment and courier options have already been integrated.

The whole process is super simple:

  1. Seller uploads an item to their Yaga shop and enables wished delivery options. 
  2. Buyer wishes to purchase it and clicks “Buy”
  3. Buyer chooses a local delivery method or an option to pick up from the Seller (when being aware of the location of the Seller) 
  4. Buyer makes the payment and money is deposited into Yaga’s account.
  5. Seller ships the item via the chosen delivery method and clicks "Item shipped" button
  6. Buyer receives the item --> if they are happy with their new item --> they click "Item received" button
  7. Yaga releases the money to the Seller's Yaga wallet 

Wish to see more detailed guide of the whole process? As a Seller click HERE. As a Buyer click HERE.

PS! Keep in mind that it’s super important to keep your orders inside Yaga - only then we can protect you and your money. Read more about Safety.

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