The Buyer has the right to return the item to the Seller and get a refund, if the item received significantly differs from the photo or the item description.

Preconditions for returning an item:

  • Within 48 hours after receiving the item, the Buyer has informed the Seller via Yaga messages about the wish to return the item.
  • The Buyer has not clicked on the „Item received“ button (hasn’t completed the order).
  • Payment for the purchase was done through Yaga.

How returning process works:

  1. The Buyer informs the Seller about the wish to return the item and the reason(s) for it.
  2. The Seller shares the return details with the Buyer. Unless an alternative agreement is made, the item should be returned via the same delivery method which was used to ship the item in the first place and the Seller should share the same set of details for the return that were provided by the Buyer for delivery. 
  3. After the Buyer and the Seller have agreed upon returning the item and the Seller has shared all the necessary details, the Buyer must ship the item within 72h, unless agreed upon otherwise, and pays for the return postage.
  4. Seller receives the item and cancels the order.
  5. Money initially deposited by the Buyer (item's price, initial delivery fee, Buyer Protection Fee) is automatically refunded to the Buyer's Yaga wallet.

The Buyer and Seller may always agree on an alternative solution for returning the item or solving the matter (e.g. discount). 

If the Buyer and the Seller fail to agree or are unable to get in contact with each other, then both sides may contact Yaga for assistance via customer support icon in Yaga or via email ( If necessary, Yaga will make additional inquiries to the Buyer and Seller to resolve the situation. If one of the parties does not respond to the inquiry within 48h, Yaga may make a decision in the favour of the other party.
  • If the item doesn’t fit or the Buyer just doesn’t like it, then the Buyer can only return the item if the Seller agrees to a refund or alternatively a mutual agreement could also be made.
  • The Buyer must return the item in the same condition in which it was received (i.e. item should not be washed nor used).
  • If an item gets returned, both parties must cover one of the shipping costs - the Seller pays for initial shipping to the Buyer and the Buyer pays for the return shipping to the Seller.
  • "No Returns/No Refunds" or "Return not possible" in the store descriptions has no basis, as it violates Yaga's Terms & Conditions. Therefore, the Buyer always has the right to return the item to the Seller under the conditions mentioned above.

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