Yaga fees

Our goal is to provide a safe platform for shopping, therefore, safety being our top priority, Yaga charges a 5% + R14.90 Buyer Protection fee upon checkout from the Buyer, and this is automatically calculated to the total transaction amount.

Even though it is the smallest fee on the market, we ensure the highest level of safety and convenience for all of our users, which includes secure payments, our return & refund policy, access to customer support, scam prevention & more.

Opening a shop, adding items to your shop and selling is completely free in Yaga. This means there are no hidden costs nor fees for the length of time the item has been listed for or any initial costs to list the item.

Buyer Protection fee calculation example: The Seller lists an item and sets the price to R300 and enables Pudo delivery for the item, which is R50. The total purchase amount comes to R350. As the Buyer Protection fee is calculated on the total purchase amount, then an additional 5% + R14.90 is automatically charged upon checkout, meaning that the Buyer pays a total of R350 + 5% (R17.5) + R14.90 = R382.40

Read more about the Buyer Protection from our BLOG.

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