Managing my store​

Wish to be more efficient in managing your shop and sales? Below you'll find some tips & tricks on how to manage your store like a pro and become a successful Seller. 

In this article: 
  • Reserving an item (hide/unhide function)
  • Bundling
  • Discount codes
  • Successful sales
  • (Remove shop)
  • Holiday mode (pausing your Yaga shop
  • Changing location
Wish to reserve an item for a Buyer? This can be done by using the hide/unhide function.
  1. Click on the item you want to hide (reserve).
  2. Click on the 'Hide' button to hide the item. 
  3. If an item is hidden, you will see it as grayed out in Your shop. The item will not appear in search while it is hidden and it will also not be visible for the users that have liked the item until it is unhidden again. 

    NB! The hidden item will move among your 'Sold' items in the order of the publishing date so it might appear in between the sold items. 
  4. To unhide the item, simply click on the 'Unhide' button and the item will be available in Your shop again.

Have a customer wanting to purchase more than one item from your shop? When listing a new item, you will see a delivery option called “Bundling”. 

If this option is enabled, a Buyer purchasing from your shop will be able to buy multiple items without duplicating the delivery cost. Bundling activates automatically for the Buyer after the first purchase and allows to make additional purchases ( within 1 hour) from your shop without any additional shipping cost. 

Purchase No 1 - Bundling option is visible but greyed out.
Purchase No 2 - Bundling is enabled.
Purchase No ... - Bundling is enabled from the same shop until the time frame of 1 hour (counting from the first purchase) closes.

Note that sellers can enable or disable bundling for each item  separately. This means that if you are selling something that doesn't fit inside a sleeve or you cannot fit any other items with this one item inside the same sleeve, then you can turn bundling off for such items. Seller is the one responsible for making sure that bundled items fit inside one sleeve.

If you wish to create a bundle listing then you can just create a new listing where you add the summed price to the listing—>add either a random images or an image which states the user for who the bundle is—> share the bundle listing with the Buyer—> Buyer can make one purchase for all the chosen item.

Wish to boost your sales or give discounts to returning customers using promo codes? Here’s how:
  1. Choose “My shop” from the burger menu on the left
  2. Select “Discount codes” tab
  3. Click “Create a new discount code”
  4. Insert a name for the code and choose whether you want it to give a discount % or sum in R.
  5. Click “Save the discount code” and make sure the Status is activated (button switch to the right). Once you no longer want it to be active, just deactivate the code status.
Good to know:
  • Discount codes are case sensitive.
  • Discount codes only apply to the item price and not for the delivery. 
  • Discounts are not applied to products automatically. The Buyer needs to be aware of the discount code and insert it manually when making a purchase in order to get the discount.


Wish to learn how to reach your first sales or what's a good item description and how you can benefit from providing an accurate description? Check out our BLOG for more tips and tricks to get the most out of Yaga. 


Wish to delete your shop from Yaga? Please click "Menu"--> "Settings" --> "Profile" --> "Delete account" in the bottom of the page --> choose a reason & click "Continue" --> "Yes, delete my account".

We appreciate if you would also add a reason as feedback is important for making Yaga better for everyone. 

Please note: Once your account is successfully deleted, you cannot log in again with the same email address. This would automatically create a new Yaga account with the same email. If you don’t wish to create a new account, you need to remain logged out.

We are sad to see you leave but you're always welcome back to Yaga :)


Are you going on a vacation or you're simply unable to post parcels during a longer period of time? In that case you can temporarily pause your Yaga shop, meaning that during that time, Buyers won't be able to make purchases from your Yaga shop.

How to activate it?

Open Menu → Settings → Profile → Enable holiday mode and you're all set 🙂

Once your Yaga shop is in holiday mode, other users will not be able to make purchases from your shop. However, viewing and liking items, as well as messaging you is still possible.

Good to know:

  • Holiday mode will not be enabled if you as the Seller have any unshipped orders. Orders with the status ‘in transit’ do not affect holiday mode.
  • You can still upload new listings while your Yaga shop is in holiday mode, but Buyers won’t be able to purchase anything


The location on your profile is connected to the latest added items' location. Changing your location can be done by clicking on the latest added item in your shop --> Edit item --> change location. After that your new location will be visible on your profile but it will not automatically update the location on all of your listings (this needs to be done on each listing separately, if needed).

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