Shopping guide ​

Found an item you love and thinking about making a purchase in Yaga? Here’s how: 
1.Log in to Yaga
Make sure you're logged in - if you're new to Yaga and do not have an account, then log in using your Facebook or Google account. If there's something you'd like to specify with the Seller first, hit "Chat with seller" (next to the item) to contact the Seller via Yaga.
2.Click on the Buy button
When you’re ready to purchase the item, tap on the  Buy button.
Please note! Stay on Yaga throughout your whole communication and buying process. Only that way will we be able to help you in case something doesn’t go as expected.
3.Choose a delivery method

At checkout choose your preferred shipping provider, from the list of options made available by the Seller. Make sure to correctly fill in all the required fields that appear after a delivery option is chosen. The delivery cost will be paid along with the item price at checkout.

4.Select your preferred payment method
You can pay using your credit card, EFT payment, Ozow or your Yaga wallet balance.
Please note!  Your  Yaga wallet is available only when there are enough funds on it. Read more about it  HERE .
5.Pay for the item
Make sure to have a phone close for the OTP. Pay for the item by clicking on the Proceed to payment button. After the payment please return back to the Merchant. After a successful payment you will receive a confirmation e-mail and the purchase can be found under "My purchases" on the left menu bar.
6.Receive your item
Please allow the Seller few days to send out the order. Once the Seller has shipped out the item you'll also receive a notification about it on Yaga and to your e-mail.
If the Seller hasn't sent out the item nor replied to your messages within 7 days of making the purchase, then we recommend contacting our support. For that you can write to Yaga's  support chat (widget in the bottom right corner in Yaga) or
7.Click "Item received"
Once you’ve received your item don’t forget to click „Item received" (under „My purchases") on Yaga to let the Seller know that you’ve got the item and release the money to their Yaga Wallet.

PS! You should click on "Item received" only once you've actually received the item and made sure that the item is in accordance with what was advertised.

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