Our Bundling system allows paying for the delivery just once (for the first item) then an hour-long time frame opens for additional purchases from the same shop that can be checked out with Free delivery. 


  • It’s always recommended to liaise with the Seller requesting the availability of the Bundling feature as this has to be manually done when a Seller uploads their listing. 
  • The items that are included in a bundle must be able to fit into one courier bag/sleeve/box or another cost will have to be incurred for the rest of the bundle.
  • All items that are included in the bundle need to be successfully ordered within the hour of the bundling window.

Here's how it works:

  1. Purchase the first item and pay for a suitable delivery method, 
  2. A time frame of one hour opens up for additional purchases from the same shop that can be checked out without an additional delivery cost.
  3. Once the first purchase is done --> “Bundle” option is now enabled for the following purchases. Pay for any additional items from the same shop within one hour and use the “Bundle” option (R0,00) as the delivery method. This means that the Seller will send all your purchases in one sleeve/package.
  4. Don't see a 'Bundle' option at checkout? This means, that the Seller has not enabled it for their store --> contact the Seller for further info :)
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