I can't log in

There could be several possible reasons why you can’t log back into your Yaga account. Here are some steps that will help you understand what could be causing the problem and get you logged in to your account.

Let's test what is causing the problem:

Step 1. App or Web

If you are struggling to log in via app then try to log in via website(and vice versa). If the problem persists, then move to Step 2. But if you were able to log in via other medium, then check the “Problem logging in with the App or website” section below 

  • App – if you can’t log in via App but can log in via Yaga website, then usually it is due to an outdated app. Please open your app/play store --> search for Yaga --> Click on Yaga App --> if there is an “Update” button --> click it. If this doesn’t solve the problem, then please contact Yaga support – more details at the end of this article.
  • Website - if you can’t log in via Yaga website but can log in via App, then usually it is due to using a less optimized browser or the browsers version is not up to date. We are best optimized for Google Chrome browser. If this doesn’t solve the problem, then please contact Yaga support – more details at the end of this article.

Step 2. Are you trying to log into using your Google account or Facebook account?


  • One possible reason is that you accidentally not allowing Facebook to share your email with Yaga. Without your email we cannot identify you. Not to worry, there is a simple way to fix this: Go to your Facebook Settings --> Choose "Apps and websites" from the left and then remove Yaga -->  Now start logging into Yaga with Facebook again and when the consent screen appears, click on "Edit this" --> Make sure that "Email address" is activated = Facebook shares it to Yaga = Yaga can identify you .
  • Other possible reason could be that you have changed your email in Facebook.


  • If your email address which is connected to your Yaga account ends with @gmail.com, then try using the “log in with Google Account “option.
  • Now if your email address ends with something different than @gmail.com (e.g@outlook.com, @mail.com, @yahoo.com, @hotmail.com, @icloud.com, ...) AND is not connected to your Facebook account THEN you want to register your email address as a Google Account = you can then choose “log in with Google Account” option and that gets you logged in.

Here is a step-by-step guide how to register your email as Google Account:

  1. Open www.google.com and in the top right corner click on either:
    a)..."Sign in" button 
    b)...Your picture, which means you're logged in with another account. Click on it and then you'll see "Add another account" --> Click on it
  2. Next click on "Create account"
  3. Then click "For myself"
  4. Then click "Use my current email address instead"
  5. Now register your email as a Google account
  6. You can then use the new created email when logging into Yaga with "Google account" option

If you have made sure that all of the above is tried out but the problem still persists, then you can contact us via customer support (support@yaga.co.za). When putting together you email make sure to include information such as: 

  • are you struggling to log into on Yaga app or website? 
  • are you using Facebook or Google account login option?
  • what is your email address/username which should be connected to your Yaga account that you're trying to get into
  • If an error sign is displayed, then make sure to include a screenshot of it 
  • If possible then share a screen recording of all your steps your taking

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