I can't make a purchase

When you find yourself having trouble making a purchase then here are some helpful tips that can help you. 

1. Make sure you use Yaga through our app or website. 

Sometimes it may happen that you’ve accidentally opened Yaga through Instagram or Facebook = it secretly opens it in Instagram web or Facebook web = they limit your actions.

Therefore, make sure to use the Yaga app or alternatively open a new browser window (e.g. Chrome or Safari) and then go to www.yaga.co.za --> Log in --> try to make a purchase

2. If you can’t make a purchase on app --> try it on our website. Does the problem still persist?  

3. Sometimes due to a bad internet connection the purchase doesn’t want to go through. Give it a little break --> try again. Does the problem still persist? 

When you have tried all of the above but still struggle to make a purchase, then please contact us via support email ( support@yaga.co.za). When putting together your email then please make sure to include:

  • a screen recording of all your steps that you are taking
  • a screenshot of an error sign (if it's displayed)
  • whether you're facing this problem on our app or on website

This way we can get a better idea what could be the cause of your issue 😊

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