I made a purchase, but the item is still available

Buyer made a purchase, but the item was not marked as 'SOLD'? 


Check under 'My purchases' to see if the purchase went through. 

  • Purchase went through- the item was not marked as 'SOLD' because the Seller had set the quantity to 'more than 1'. 
  • Purchase didn't go through- there can be several reasons why the payment is not going through, e.g. delay in the payment process, bad internet connection, ...
    • Check your statement to see if money was deducted. In case it was, there's a chance that a direct payment to Yaga's account was made. Please contact Support (support@yaga.co.za) for further assistance.
    • In case no money was deducted, try making the purchase again. If possible, we recommend trying with different options (EFT/ OZOW/ Credit Card) and testing on both, the Yaga app and website.


Check under 'Orders' to see if the order went through. 

  • Order went through- the item was not marked as 'SOLD' because the quantity had been set to 'more than 1'. In case this was accidental, then the item can be marked as 'SOLD' manually by clicking on the listing --> Mark as sold. 
  • Order didn't go through- ask the Buyer to try again and in case the payment fails, direct the Buyer to Support (support@yaga.co.za) for further assistance.

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