My account / items / orders / messages have vanished

If you log in to your account and:

  • Your account doesn’t seem your own
  • There are no listings under 'My shop'
  • You don’t find any orders under 'My shop' --> 'Orders'
  • Orders have disappeared under 'My purchases'
  • You don’t see any messages
  • 'My wallet' is empty

In this case you’ve most likely created yourself a new Yaga account by signing in to Yaga using another email address.

The next steps would be:

  • Please try to remember whether the last time you used the same Facebook or Google account to log in to Yaga OR if you have changed the email on either of the sites since then.
  • Log in to Yaga using your right email address that is connected to your correct Yaga account.

In case you still have any problems logging in, feel free to contact Support (

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