How PUDO integrated delivery works?

Yaga has multiple integrated courier options that deliver nationwide. It is up to each Seller to decide which delivery method(s) they would like to enable for their shop.  With PUDO you can book a locker automatically through Yaga to send your orders, which means you don't have to pay for the delivery.

In this article you can find answers to the following questions:

  • How PUDO integrated delivery works?
  • What to do if you don't wish to use PUDO integration?
  • What to do if the PIN code expires?
  • Order has been shipped but the order status didn't change
  • PUDO contact details

How PUDO integrated delivery works:

  1. Select a PUDO locker on Yaga
Once you're ready to send your order on its way, tap on Menu -> My shop -> Orders -> Select a locker. Proceed to select the PUDO locker where you will drop off the parcel.

  1. Receive a deposit PIN code from Yaga
You will use this code to open the locker door.  The code is valid for 36 hours. Failure to deposit the item in 36 hours will result in cancellation of the delivery  with NO REFUND, in which case you will need to cover the price of the new delivery yourself.

  1. Write the required information on your parcel
Check your order details page (Menu -> My shop -> Orders-> Details) and write the Buyer’s delivery details (name, pick up point and contact number) as well as your unique LOCK number on the parcel.

  1. Drop off the item within 36 hours
Go to the selected locker, enter the deposit PIN to open the locker door and send off your item. The green progress bar on your order details page will automatically update after a few minutes and the Buyer will receive a notification that their order is on the way. No need to tap on the “item shipped” button.

  1. Receive funds
As soon as the buyer receives the item and taps on the “item received” button, the funds for the item will be released to your Yaga wallet.

Good to know

  • If the Pudo locker you initially wanted to select, is full, pick a different location locker or try again later.
  • Once the Seller has booked a locker, the Buyer can track their parcel by tapping Menu -> My purchases -> Details and then on the pink LOCK number which will direct them to the Pudo tracking page.
  • Only tap “Select a locker” when you are ready to deliver within 36 hours. For example, if you receive an order while on holiday, wait till you are back home before you generate a pin.
  • If you fail to deposit the parcel within 36 hours, you will have to book a new locker through the Pudo app and pay for the second delivery attempt up front as per usual.
  • The integration is only applicable to Pudo’s locker-to-locker option.

If you do not wish to use the integration

You can also ship the item without using the integration. For this, you access the Buyer details from Menu—> My shop—> Orders—> Details and book the parcel via your PUDO account. This means that the order won’t go to ‘Shipped’ status, but the Buyer is still able to complete the order once received —> you will receive the money for the item + delivery.

What to do if the PIN code expires?

If the PIN expires because you didn't drop the parcel off within 36h then you should book a new locker via your PUDO account. The order won’t go to ‘Shipped’ status, but the Buyer is still able to complete the order once received.

If you already shipped the item but still received a PIN expiration notification or the order status didn't change then no need to worry. Signals can sometimes come through with a delay, but if you can see your parcel is on the way, then the Buyer will still be able to complete the order once received —> you will receive the money for the item.

PS! Keep in mind: It is important to pack the items properly so that they aren't damaged during shipping.

PUDO takes up to 4 days to deliver the parcel. Buyer has 36h to collect the parcel. 

If a Buyer doesn't collect the parcel in time and it gets returned to the Seller, then the Seller is eligible for compensation for the courier costs that have occurred. The Seller will be asked to provide proof of the incurred courier costs and proof that correct delivery information was used in the first place. The Seller will be reimbursed once they have received the parcel back and this amount is charged from the Buyer's pending payment. The remaining is refunded to the Buyer. 

For courier-related requests please contact PUDO directly through their Helpline (0861 203 203), or alternatively via email (

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