Seller Protection

You have probably heard about our Buyer protection, but what about your safety as a Seller? Don't worry, we've got your back when it comes to your bucks! As long as the Buyer uses the Yaga BUY button when shopping from your store, the sale is covered by our Seller Protection.

How we protect you:

  • Collecting full payments upfront – we require Buyers to pay for both their item and shipping upfront. We hold the payment safely until the buyer receives their order.
  • Unresponsive buyers? We’ve got your back - in the unlikely event your Buyer is unresponsive and won’t mark the item as received, we will complete the order for you so you can get paid. 
  • Fair return policy – if you’ve described the item accurately we won’t approve a refund request from the Buyer - unless you’ve agreed to it. Read more about our fair return policy HERE.
  • Top-rated Customer Support – in case you run into any problems, our support team is always here for you at And they are FAST!

PS! Payments have to be made through Yaga to ensure your protection as a Seller. Redirecting transactions outside Yaga violates our T&Cs. 

What IS NOT covered by our Seller Protection?

  • Sales that were made outside the app/site. e.g. direct money transfer or cash payment.
  • Meet in-person transactions. As a safety precaution, we advise our users to avoid these exchanges but when necessary, we suggest meeting in a public place.

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