The user has the right to return the item to the Seller if it differs significantly from the photo or the description. After an item is returned to the Seller the transaction is and should be cancelled, then the full amount the Buyer initially paid for (item's price, initial delivery fee + Buyer Protection Fee) will be transferred to the Buyer's Yaga wallet. Once the money has been transferred back to the Buyer's Yaga wallet, the Buyer can choose between using it for future purchases on Yaga or paying it out to a personal bank account. 

Preconditions for it:

  • Within 48h after receiving the item, the Buyer has informed the Seller via Yaga messages about the wish to return the item
  • The Buyer has not clicked on the "Item received" button = hasn't completed the transaction

Our Buyer Protection only applies if you used the Buy button when making a purchase. If not, please arrange the return and refund directly with the seller, as we won’t be able to help.

Returning process:
  1. The Buyer informs the Seller about the wish to return the item and the reason(s) for it;
  2. The Seller shares the return details with the Buyer. Unless an alternative agreement is made, the item should be returned via the same delivery method which was used to ship the item in the first place and the Seller should share the same amount of details for the return that were provided by the Buyer for delivery;
  3. The Buyer will send the item and pay for the return postage;
  4. Seller receives the item and cancels the order;
  5. Yaga transfers the initially deposited money back to the Buyer's Yaga wallet in full. 

If an item gets returned, both parties have to cover one of the shipping costs - the Seller pays for initial shipping to the Buyer and the Buyer pays for the return shipping to the Seller.

The Buyer and Seller may always agree on an alternative solution for returning the item or solving the matter (e.g. discount).

Refund Cases:

  • My item hasn’t arrived. We encourage reaching out to the Seller to notify them of your purchase if there's no reply in a few days contact our Support Team.
  • My item was damaged in transit. We know you had no role in packing and it is the Seller's responsibility to ensure their items are packaged safely. We will instruct the Seller to contact their Courier Helpline with the parcels tracking number as they can offer better insight and assistance with the progress and status of your deliveries. In connection with an order, the Seller will have to cancel the order as your purchase has been lost and you will not receive their goods

Please Note:

The disclaimer of "No Returns/No Refunds" or "Return not possible" in the store descriptions has no basis, as it violates the terms of the Yaga user agreement. Therefore, the Buyer always has the right to return the product to the Seller under the conditions mentioned above.

How long does it take for a refund to reflect? Please read more about it HERE.

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