Getting started as a Seller

We are thrilled that you have decided to join Yaga and start selling! This article contains all the important information that helps you to get started and get a better idea how the selling process works.

First things first, you need a Yaga shop in order to start selling. Opening your very own shop is super easy - click HERE to get started.

  • Make sure to complete the whole process and the last step should be to log in via Facebook or Google account to make sure your shop has been successfully created. After you have done that you should see your username at the top of the Menu bar = this confirms that you have successfully created yourself a Yaga account. 

Now, when you have created yourself a Yaga shop, then the next step is to add items to your shop. This means you need to create a listing which advertises the item on our site to all the potential Buyers. Click HERE to see which items are prohibited to be sold on our platform.

Note, that the item in real life must match with its description, information and pictures in your created listing. Otherwise, if the Buyer receives an item that significantly differs from the photo or the description or has hidden flaws, then they have the right to return it. Please read more about the return policy HERE

  1. Click on "Add item" button to list items to your shop. This button can be found:
    1. Open our home page --> at the bottom and in the middle of our homepage there is a pink "Add item" sign 
    2. Open the "Menu" --> at the very top of the bar there is a "Add item" button 
    3. Click on the "Menu" --> "My shop" --> at the bottom of the page there is a pink "Add item" sign
  2. Click on "Add image" and choose the picture that you'd like to post. Up to 3 photos can be added. 
    1. Pictures must show the item and its condition as vitally and truly as possible.
    2. While taking a picture of your item, focus on a good natural lightning to show the item's true colors and texture and choose a plain and simple background. Also, be cautious about using filters on your photos since they can distort your item's real look. We have an awesome blog post about how to make a perfect listing, click HERE read more about it.
    3. People like to see how the item looks like in real life = they know what to expect and builds trust = Buyer is more likely to make a purchase. Therefore if possible then please avoid posting pictures found on the internet. 
  3. Add the description.
    1. Specify the item's condition and make sure to bring out any defects/ flaws or sign of usage. 
    2. Use relevant keywords and characteristics- when Buyers type in a certain keyword to our search engine, your listings can then be seen and easily found.
  4. Choose the category. E.g: you have an item categorised as for "Kids" --> Buyer opens our "Kids" category or inserts the keyword to our search engine --> once again your listing can be easily found there = your item has a greater chance to be found by potential Buyers.
  5. Choose the correct "Brand" tag (optional field) 
    • Having a brand tagged is another way to increase your chances that your item could be found by a right potential Buyer. E.g: your have an item that is tagged from "Zara" --> Buyer searches items under the "Zara" category or types the brand into our search engine --> all the items with a brand tag "Zara" will pop up, including yours and this means it can be easily found and seen.
    • If you can't find the wished brand option from our brand's list then simply leave this field empty and write down the correct brand name to the "description" part in Step. 3.
  6. Choose the quantity. 
    • Example, your are selling sneakers: A) 2 sneakers = 1 pair, which means that your want to choose "1" as your quantity because your are selling only one pair of them.  B) if you are selling more than one pair of the same sneakers separately, then your quantity should equal with the number of pairs you'd like to sell.
  7. Choose a delivery method. You can enable one or multiple preferred delivery options. 

    • Note that when you enable "Bundling" then this means that the Buyer can purchase multiple items from your shop ( all wished items must have the option enabled by you) by only having to pay once for the delivery. It will activate from their second purchase and the Buyer has one hour from the first purchase to complete any additional purchases. You can read more about Bundling HERE.
    • Click HERE to learn more about how delivery works and to learn more about our delivery options.
  8. Choose the price. 
    • The item you are selling should be considerably lower in price than it was when first purchased, to create a value for the Buyer. Feel free to take a look around on platform to get ideas from other Sellers selling items similar to yours.
  9. Click "Save" 

Now, if you go to your shop page ("Menu" --> "My shop"), you should see all your listed items. You could also read our blog post about how to reach your first sales on Yaga, click HERE to read more about it.

What happens next when someone has purchased my item (Click HERE to learn about it)?

  • You'll receive a confirmation ( via email, a notification in Yaga and also in the Facebook Messenger if you have enabled it) of your order. Notifications can be enabled from Menu--> Settings--> Notifications.

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